About Us


Welcome to the World of SUITS and TUTU'S, we are a Women clothing store specialising in Tailoring, Blazers, Evening Wear and Occasion-Wear.

We carefully curate individual designs, that are tailored  for women who like their Suits Sharp, Bold and with a touch of Sass!

Our brand combines Sleek and Sophistication, with Counter Culture Retro-Cool.

Our suits and dresses are to be lived in,  and with so many choices, theirs one for every occasion.  



We are a brand that uses Couture Inspired designs to produce our  collections.

Our aim; is to bring you World Wide Fashion Trends that are inspired from the Catwalks of Milan, Paris, New York,  London and further afield, that are Affordable, Durable and meet the Seasonal Wardrobe Needs of our customers.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our collections are carefully and individually curated  to give scope for our customers to find their individual uniqueness, self expression and creativity.

Our collections are for all women, of different ages, sizes and ethnicity which we believe defines the spirit of feminism.



A designer once said," Strong Women  place themselves in the world through the way they dress" 

A Women's SUIT is a powerful statement. A symbol of Power, the dress code for success and being in charge like a Lady Boss... 

The idea of Power Dressing has gone through various stages through history and its now more trendy then ever to wear a suit to feel feminine and Powerful.

The TUTU, AKA Tuelle Skirt has been a symbol of femininity, Romance, Floating like a "Ballerina"  through history. Like the Suit, the Tutu  has evolved in modern times to form a radical look and has captivated designs on the Catwalk and Modern representations of Power and Strength.

Whether you accessorised the TUTU; to look Edgy,  Retro Vintage,  Causal Chic or Glamorous. Or whether you like your Suits with exaggerated Shoulders, nipped- in- waists, Bold print's, Bold colours or Simple and Classical; we believe that Suits and Tutu's symbolise the versatility in all women and their ability to be as delicate as a Flower; yet as strong and skilled as a Queen Bee.

Our Mission then, is to empower  women through Fashion to feel great, whatever shape or size they have. To be Successful, Powerful, Fearless, Confident, Beautiful and Bold.

Above all we hope to inspire you all... For Work...Laughter... and For Party Extravaganza's.. We want you to Be Unique.. Be Free and ..Be strong...Like a Lady Boss.

SUITS AND TUTU'S- We clothe Women with Suits of Armour.